Membership Introduction

An Introduction to our Independent Membership Programme for Private Motorists


I am Alan Murdoch of The Onelink Network. I have worked within the Accident Management, Insurance Claims and Vehicle Repair sectors since 1993. During that time, I have helped numerous drivers with all matters relating to vehicle damage.

The Onelink Network is my own company and is a dedicated resource for Private Motorists. We offer a membership service which you can access through our website for a one off fee. The fee covers all drivers living at the same address. You are then covered for all our current services and new services we add from time to time at no additional cost.

It is worth pointing out that the services we have designed for Private Motorists are on a par with the services that volume fleets and company car drivers receive. So it represents a unique opportunity for ‘us normal folk’ that drive a vehicle for social and domestic use.

What we are trying to achieve

When one of our members is involved in a car accident or have their vehicle damaged, our aim is to provide completely independent advice, answer any questions they have and provide them with all the different options available to them. This allows our client to make an informed choice of what is best for them in their current circumstances.

How we retain our Independence

When I was designing the Membership Service, I wanted to be completely Independent. To ensure this, we took the decision to charge a fee and not to be connected to any supply chain. So this means our Member, has the choice to use their own suppliers or any of our supply network.  This way we retain our Independence. 

The Key Features of the Membership Scheme

  • It is operated by an Independent Company not connected to any supplier network. We are the “Which Magazine” of the vehicle damage industry.
  • You can use the services as often as you need with no additional costs.
  • You can choose to use your own suppliers.
  • Our Membership Fee is a one time payment of £30.00 and there is no annual charges at all.
  • The Membership covers all drivers living at the same address.
  • The Membership is completely portable. If you change your car or your insurer it stays the same.
  • If you introduce and new members to us you receive 40% of the Membership Fee (£12.00).

Membership Services

As a member, the services you have access to include the following;

  • 24/7 Accident Support for any type of accident.
  • A contact to guide them through all the different options they have for the duration of the claim.
  • Independent Advice (in writing) if required.
  • An experienced professional to answer any questions you may have.
  • Any type of administration support. Such as; organising the estimate, dealing with the different parties involved and recovering any losses.
  • We can also arrange a Courtesy Vehicle through our own Repair Network.
  • You will receive workmanship guarantees with every repair.
  • Included in your membership is our free service if you have been involved in a non fault accident. This provides a number of services including; a replacement hire vehicle (paid for by the third party insurer), organising the repair directly with the third party insurer and if required, providing legal assistance through one of our Solicitor contacts.
  • We can also arrange discounts, offers and promotions you benefit from. Examples are; discount if the member wishes to pay for the repair costs, contributions towards your excess if you have to outlay this and cash back offers available through our network of suppliers.


I trust you find our services of interest. If you have any questions you wish answered, please give me a call or email me at the address below.  Thanks again for your time.

Kind Regards, 

Alan Murdoch


T: 0772 558 5568


Updated: November 2020