The first thing to do after an accident is make sure everyone is alright. Your safety is paramount!

Check every one in your vehicle to make sure they are ok, if any one is hurt, ring the emergency services immediately.

If safe to do so, get yourself to a place of safety! If you are on a motorway or dual carriageway, get out of your car ,and either get behind the barriers or up the embankment. If your vehicle is in a dangerous position or if there is any debris in the road ring the emergency services.

If you are hurt and think you have back or neck injuries the emergency services suggest that you do not get out of your car .However if the car is in a dangerous situation you may need to reconsider leaving the vehicle.

If you do have back and neck injuries, it is advised you stay in the vehicle. But please note if the emergency services “believe” you have injuries, they will cut the roof of your car to safely remove you!. They are not liable for this , so you do need to consider whether you have injuries or not.

If everyone is ok, and it is safe to do so, see if the other driver is alright. Obviously contact the emergency services if they are not.

If you have a warning Triangle, place it at least 45 meters down the road to warn other road users, protect yourself.

If possible keep your side light on if visibility is dark or poor

If possible, photograph your vehicle and whatever has collided with you, and take as many photos as possible with the vehicles in situ!  Do not move the vehicles if you can avoid it,  take some from close up, show what part of their vehicle has contacted your vehicle,Photograph both and also stand back to give a perspective of road layout and distance relative to both vehicles.  This way we can see exactly what part of each vehicle has hit each other.

This is very very important! And greatly aids your insurer and people like us to work out what has gone on!.

Obtain the other parties details, get their name, address, phone number, vehicle registration. Make a note of how many occupants are in their vehicle,  also note the  make ,model,and colour  of the car .

For peace of mind – (politely) ask for proof of identity, so you know the information is not false

Also request their insurance details.

Then call us!