Increase Client Retention

If you are looking to capture more repair work, we might just be the partner for you.

We work with a number of repairers as an extension of their business offering guidance and support for their clients involved in any type of accident. This leads to higher job retention and increased customer satisfaction.

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Client Benefits

We act as an extension to your business offering support and guidance to your clients.

We provide someone to talk to following their accident and talk them through all the different options they have.

Our services are available to your clients irrespective of who is at fault in the accident.

If the accident is not your clients fault, we will talk them through your non fault accident process.

Access to their own online accident support page that provides useful documents and information.

Bodyshop Benefits

Our service provides your business with an independent consultant to assist your clients.

Having someone to talk to will improve your client conversion rate and lead to more repairs.

We have a proven track record in assisting clients who are involved in a non fault accident.

We will increase repair work when the third party wish to pay for your clients repairs.

We act as an early warning system if the insurer is trying to capture your clients repair.

Repairer Services FAQ's

Have some questions? Check out our FAQ section which should answer many of these. For further information please use our contact form.

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