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The Onelink Network is an Independent Motoring Organisation providing its clients with a range of easy to use services following any type of road traffic accident or mechanical breakdown.

We assist clients with questions they have, offer administration support and if required can provide solutions for their damaged vehicle.

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It varies. Some repairers use us to provide independent guidance and information for their retail clients. Others to administer non fault services only.


No we will be happy to provide them with any guidance and services they require.


We help with deployment of cases to some of their suppliers. A good example would be if the client was not at fault and we would assist them with their chosen provider.

We can work with yours or we can provide one for you.

It depends on what services you require. We would let you know this when you complete the enquiry form.

Through our Engineering partner, we can assist with areas such as estimate validation and estimate preparation. Currently some of our repair partners are experiencing an uplift of around £100.00 per estimate by using this service.

Yes you can. If you let us know you are interested on the contact form, we will email them to get in touch with you.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

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