Have you considered a dedicated consultant for your business?

If you want to add value and increase customer satisfaction having our service available to your clients may well be for you.

We have a number of repairers who use us for clients involved in any type of accident. We simply act as an extension to your business and provide independent guidance and support to them when needed.

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A dedicated consultant to provide guidance and help for your clients following their accident.

We work within the parameters you set.

Access to our suppliers to compliment your business.

We offer complete protection for your clients if they require non-fault assistance.

Follow up customer satisfaction surveys done.


Low cost - high return service. We offer support irrespective of accident type.

Increase in customer satisfaction.

Better buying power with suppliers.

We offer fully underwritten non fault services providing peace of mind for your clients.

Reduced administration for your internal team.

Referrer FAQ's

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ section which will answer many of these, failing that please use our enquiry form.

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Click on the link below to open our referrer enquiry form, complete the information and we will contact you back. Thank you.

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