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Below you will find the two memberships we offer with an overview of what services are included in each.

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Your choice of Membership Services

We believe in offering our clients a choice. Below is an outline of the 2 Memberships we offer. Our FREE Membership covers non fault accident damage and our PAID Membership provides services for any type of incident. Below is a link to our Key Facts Document which provides what’s available in more detail.

Free Membership Service
Paid Membership Service

Please click on our Key Facts Document which provides further information on our organisation as well as an overview of what’s included within each membership.

Also Click Here to see our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the different Membership Services.

Your Top 10 Membership Benefits!

Both memberships provide you with someone to talk to following an accident and answer any questions you may have.


Following damage to your vehicle, we will provide all the options available to you so you can choose what suits your needs.

Our FREE Membership ensures your repair costs are paid for by the third party insurer and you have no excess to pay.

Our FREE Membership keeps you mobile with provision of a replacement vehicle at no cost to you.

Cost effective as our paid membership can be used as many times as you require for the one-off fee. No recurring annual fees.

Our Paid Memberships provide a loss recovery service if goods have been damaged or you have suffered loss of earnings.


Our Paid Membership includes assistance for any type of vehicle damage.

Because we are an independent organisation, you have the choice of using our suppliers or a supplier you wish to use.

Our Paid Memberships provides you with financial contributions and money saving offers.

If you wish to pay for the repair costs, our suppliers can provide discounts of up to 10%.

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