Membership Services

On this page you will find a list of some of the membership services you can access through The Onelink Network. You will also find a link to our Key Services Document which provides more detail of what’s currently included.

Free Consultation

Key Membership Services

Below are some of the services you have access to. Please download our Key Services Document for further information.

Accident Guidance
Admin Support
Assessing liability
Legal Assistance
Non Fault Accident Assistance
Provision of a Replacement Vehicle
Recovering losses you may have
Access to our UK Repair Network

Key Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to having someone to talk to following an accident or breakdown not least of which is keeping up with the current legislation and changes to the Industry.

Having experience in a specific sector, means we keep up to date with all aspects of our Industry and this is passed on to our clients when they contact us.

It is important to point out that we are completely Independent. You are our member and we are not connected to any Insurer, Supplier or Service provider. This means the information, guidance and services we provide for you are not mandatory and you can pick and choose which of them suit your needs at the time.

If you wish more information about the membership services you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us for a chat. We are here to help.

Someone to talk to following an accident or breakdown.


Reduce time spending on arranging estimates and dealing with other parties as we can do this for you.

Choice of services you can use.

Reduce your outlays with special discounts and promotions for services such as mechanical issues, servicing and general repairs.

Interest fee payment plans are also available if you don’t want to outlay the cost of repairs or servicing in one go.

Cost effective as your membership can be used as many times as you require for a one-off fee. No recurring annual fees.

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