Frequently asked questions

The Onelink Network is an Independent Motoring Organisation providing its clients with a range of easy to use services following any type of road traffic accident or mechanical breakdown.

Below are some of the questions we are asked which hopefully will help you decide on our Membership Programme.

Free Consultation

You can obtain a Membership through our website.

As often as you need to or want to.

No. We handle any type of vehicle. Your membership is for you. So you can change your vehicle as often as you like and you are still covered.


We assist our clients with any type of accident. We provide guidance and answer any questions you have or anything you are unsure about. We also have a network of suppliers should you wish to use them.


The Paid Membership covers additional services such as access to Legal Assistance and also it provides members with a range of financial benefits. This can include cash back offers and discounts. The Paid Membership also provides help with any type of accident and not just non fault damage. 

Yes we can. The Paid Membership provides guidance on the different options available to you for this type of incident. This includes areas such as selecting the repairer, organising the estimate, and keeping you mobile. There are also a number of different options available to you if you feel you want to pay for the repairs to your vehicle and not involve your insurer. Such as access to discounts or, through one of our suppliers, we can arrange a payment plan for the repair costs which is interest free!

Yes we do. We have a Network of Suppliers that provide some of the services. As an example; Repairers, Service Centres and Legal Partners. All our suppliers work to Industry Standards and carry all appropriate Compliance.

No you don’t. We are an independent organisation and want to provide our clients with all the options and that includes using your own suppliers if you wish.

One of the benefits of having members is buying power. Because we use a repair network we can often ask the repairer if they can offer a contribution towards your excess. Examples we currently have show that excess contributions can range between £50.00 and £200.00. It will depend on the repair value but our repair network are happy to offer this.

Latest News and Client Feedback

Below is some Industry news and comments left by some current Members.