Introduction for Private Motorists

Our services are designed to help you following a road traffic accident or there has been damaged to your vehicle.

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Providing guidance and choice...

Rest assured, no matter what type of damage has been caused to your vehicle, you can take comfort knowing there is someone you can turn to for some friendly, independent guidance. Someone who will find the most convenient and cost-effective solution for you – outlining all the choices you have with no hidden agenda.

You’re bound to have questions you need answers to. Who deals with the insurers? Am I entitled to a courtesy car? It’s not my fault, what options are available to me? Can I choose the repairer? I’ve damaged another vehicle, how do I go about paying for this?

We can help answer all of your questions and offer support and guidance just when you need it most – and then you can choose what is best for you! 

So if you want to have a chat, please call Alan on 07725 585568. Happy to help.

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