All our non fault accident services come with complete protection for you providing peace of mind.

So what’s included?

If someone has damaged your vehicle, we provide a number of services to take the stress and pain out of the accident. This includes;

  • The recovery of your vehicle if your car is not roadworthy after the accident.
  • Supply of a replacement hire vehicle whilst your vehicle is off the road.
  • Organise the repair so that you don’t need to claim on your own policy.
  • No policy excess to pay.
  • Claim all the costs from the third party insurers.

One question I am asked regularly is  – What happens if the other party’s insurance company does not pay?

The answer is simple, if they don’t you don’t!

With every case where we supply a hire vehicle, we provide a fully underwritten insurance policy which covers you for any or all costs we can’t recover from the “at fault” insurer.

There are many companies who offer these services who don’t provide this cover, which may put you at risk But we do.

For further information, please contact Alan on 07725 585568.