Membership Introduction

We have designed a range of services that any private motorists can access through our Membership Programme. This is available to any motorist residing in the UK.

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Membership Background

In addition to our Free Services, our Membership Programme is designed to provide additional services that can save both time and money following any type of accident.


Because experience has taught me that motorists are not always informed correctly of the different options available to them following the accident. This can lead to increased insurance and repair costs.

Our aims and objectives of our Membership programme are;

  • To provide services relating to all types of accidents.
  • To focus on ways where our clients can save money and control costs following any type of accident.
  • Too ensure, where possible, that our client’s insurance renewal is not adversely affected following the accident.
  • To ensure the membership is both portable and transferable if you change your vehicle or circumstances.
  • To offer the membership for a single fee with no recurring annual charges.
  • To provide online access to enable our clients to view the services they have and other useful documentation.

Interested? If so, have a look at what’s included on our Membership Services page or give Alan a call on 07725 585568 to ask any questions you have. I’m here to help!

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